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I’ve been thinking a lot lately….about many different things. I come from a family of strong women, very strong women. During a conversation with my mother a few weekends ago, we discussed what each generation of these wonderful strong women has given to the next generation. My grandmother’s generation has given us the right to work instead of only being a homemaker. My mother’s generation has given us equality, opening doors in the workforce that were only reserved for men. What wonderful gifts these have been! However, I’ve been feeling that there is a lot to live up to. What is my generation giving?

I’ve realized that my entire life has been a journey on the road less travelled. My path has always been different…no matter how I longed to travel on well-known paths. Growing up, we moved a lot…almost every two years, not because of any connection to the military! My parents divorced when I was 20…and it was a complete shock as they never fought! I had my first son at 22 and became a single mother at 23. I met my husband when my son was 3 and we welcomed another beautiful boy 4 years later. I’ve worked in retail, in purchasing and logistics, and have run my own small home-based business. We’ve discovered that my oldest son has ADHD, and I’ve been his strongest advocate ever since. Not quite the path I had imagined for myself.

So, what will I give to my sons’ generation? I will give them the ability to choose. The option to choose to walk the path less travelled, the choice to follow their dreams and the choice to embrace the things that make us unique, different, and special. The choice to be whatever you want to be, even in a world of many expectations. And I am making a choice today too. I choose to embrace my path. I choose to be different. I choose to be creative, to inspire, to be myself. I hope you’ll join me on my journey on the path less travelled.